Sunday, November 1, 2009

Complete Story for All new Buyers !!! Beware of this Cheater

If you are searching for a place for your dream home where you are away from trafic, pollution in western suburb of mumbai, the very first choice is vasai because it’s clean, green and slum free area.

Above all if you visit a site of a builder where you get a Garden of 40,000/-sq.ft, Gym, community hall, 24hrs. Municipal water supply, anyone thinks that he got his Dream home and if Builder is taking 100% white money you will surely think that you have finally landed in heaven.

When we were searching for our dream home in vasai the abovementioned all amenities were found in only one place it was Mirchandani Garden, in sun city vasai west, we visited the site on net and came to know that the builder is from Mumbai and not local, so finally we booked our flats in Daffodil one of three towers, in Aug.2006.Mr.Vipul Wadia the authorized power of attorney holder behalf of Mr.Vijay Mirchandani the builder signed the agreement with us and that was the moment we fell in the black hole. As per Mr.Vipul wadia we were suppose to get possession of flat in Mar.2007 but we got it in sep.2007 and at the time of possession we paid everything including 18 months advance maintenance, Rs.35, 000/-Towards society formation and we thought its over now and we will get possession of our flats

In start of sep.2007 we started shifting in to our new flats. After taking possession of flat we came to know that the lifts ( elevators) those were installed in our Apts are of very low quality and I asked Mr.vipul why they have installed second hand lifts in our Apts but as usual Mr.vipul convinced me that these lifts are the best quality lifts but these never worked for 24hrs.continuously.

April 2008, The day, we had never thought of ,watchman came running to us and said, “Sahib A wing ka lift toot gaya.” The left Dropped from 7th floor with People in it , but nobody suffered badly but they went under a great trauma , it was on the headlines on Mumbai and Pune mirror , We the residents of building lodged a complaint against builder in Manikpur police stn. As a result builder was arrested and he replaced A and B wing lifts and the C wing lift replacing work is in process… ( God know when its going to complete )

16th oct.2009, when 60% of residents are out on vacation or went to office leaving their families with kids behind, at around 11.45a.m.65 Gundas with Weapons forcefully entered to society premises with three JCB Machines and they ramped the garden, they destroyed children’s play ground, sitting benches,shades,they broke compound wall and who ever try to stop they were manhandled brutally, someone try to shoot this incident , he was threatened and force to delete the captured video. After two hrs. of mess when we approached Mr.Vipul and told to call police, he denied and Said my seniors will handle this matter.Mr.Vikas Arora the official spoke person from builder is saying that we are settling the issue with the encroachers but they are not filing any complaint in police stn.

We the Residents are trying to understand, what happened to our 40,000 Sq Ft Garden and Kids play Area ???

You still want to take your Property in this Location …… Think more times as possible .

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  1. Thanks For this !!! It would be Great if you keep this Post updated as I Just came last month and visited the Site . Now i will think ....

  2. I think the builder is doing this because he has not lodged any complaint in local police stn.and also managed the police because police has not taken any action against the builder on complaint of soceity member

  3. I saw the photos of garden,how one can destroy the childrens playground equipments like this? they will pay for it...

  4. I think the residents of complex should contact local mun.corporator because vasai virar muncipal elections are ahead and they should vote the candidate who fights with builder for their garden.

  5. I appeal the media to highlight this issue because its more impotant than celebritie,s b,days,sports and other nonsence issues daily highlighted in media b,cos this is question of hundreds of familys lifetimes earnings invested in this complex and how easily a builder is cheating them,where is CIDCO,MUNCIPAL CORPORATION.if u make any small contruction in public place muncipal people come rushing to demolish it,if this garden would be illegal or it was constructed on somebody elses property it wouldnt be there from last four years,how someone comes one fine day and claim for it and demolish it with the help of gundas not with police protection or court order

  6. In your vasai area i think a New MLA has been elected and from last 20 years or so. There was a MLA who might help you. In short take this matter to the MLA's and CIDCO and the media itself. Hope u will get JUSTICE soon. Keep updating this blog.............

  7. Just read the below comment. It was put By aPune Blogger who is also suffered by this so called well known reputed builder in Pune.

    Anonymous said...
    Beware of mirchandani builders and do not invest in their properties. I invested in Mirchndani palms and now suffering. The agreement says wooden wardrobes, mosquito wire mesh to be provided in each flat by the builder. But now Mirchnadnai is refusing to provide these things in the flat. also he is charging Rs 12000 for putting an extra electrical point int he house, thsi is gundaism to the height man! On top if it they are threatening to stop any work in our flat because i am raising my voice!

    After reading this comments each and every person who ever is purchased the flat in Mirchandani Garden, Vasai will truly believe that this builder is a habitual defaulter. The same kind of promises has been made to us and later was refused.

    Mirchandani builders are chindis........

  8. We can draw the attention of Media people like
    Lemon TV who are taking up such causes.

  9. dude....i cum fr joggging daily in d eve to suncity and today i saw dis bannner on d 1st floor of d building...i jus thot it was a prank or a joke....but still decided to chek it out....WTF yaaar....feeel sad u wer cheated of ur mony like dis....go LEGAL and fcuk their case!!! v al wit u...!!!

  10. hi.. is it possible for any of the committe member to give me a call or share his or her number with me..
    I have sent my details to with my contact number.. or else you can mail me at

  11. I came to sun city to check for flat. I was planning to buy a flat in mirchandani's but now i have skipped the idea. Thanks for saving my hard earned money from mirchandani's. Bloody Chindis......

  12. hi pritesh! do u need any help from people of vasai? if so, jus drop in a mail on

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  14. yea...we were told of a scheme of gettin AC's in each bedroom and n invertor....forget that..we got a aluminium lift that mite fall netime and plus there want 3 lakhs allegedly for delayin their installments...wich by the way is over looking the fact that they delayed their end of the bargain for months..still not a complete bldg here(IRIS).
    the house n all is nice...its jus these ppl that we hv to deal with that is problematic.

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